Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring 2010

V & A reproduction prints - straight from England.
Just love these
Blue frames are my all-time biggest sellers

1. V&A Blue seaweed (front)
2. V&A Flower posies (back)

Pinks are always popular...
3. Pink dandelions (front)
4. Pink discs (back)

5. Peacocks - pink and aqua (front)
6. Peacocks - brown and pink (back)

Dots, dots and more dots
7. String of dots - pink & green (front)
8. String of dots - pink & brown (middle)
9. String of dots - green & brown (back)

10. Dotty stripes - blue & brown (front)
11. Dotty stripes - pink & brown (back)

Beautiful blue bubbles

12.Kaffe Fasset buttons (front left)
13. Bubble striae (front right)
14. Snorkel (back left)
15. Striped bubbles (back right)

16. Dot in a square (front)
17. Watermelon dots (back)

18. Pink dots (front)
19. Striped dot - green & blue (back)

stripes, stripes and more stripes
20. Candy pink stripes (front)
21. Aqua stripes (middle)
22. Green stripes (back)

I call these my Johnny Apple checks.
Named after the NYT's writer R.W. Apple
who always wore checked shirts.
Johnny Apples
23.Red & blue (front left)
24.Brown & blue (front right)
25.Red & white (back)

Baby checks
perfect for a baby picture or a birth announcement
26. Blue check (front)
27. Pink check (back)

Summer Seersuckers
28. Pink seersucker stripes with pink, green or navy ribbon
Also available in blue seersucker.

29. Brown seersucker stirpe

Perfect for monogramming too

30. madras patchwork

31. Green & white seersucker stripe
32. Green & white seersucker check

33. Nantucket red
34. Blue chambray

Another great choice for monogramming

35. Simple white and brown garden

36. Bumble bees - green (back)
37. Bumble bees - red & black (front)


Torch Lake Prep said...

I LOVE them all !! Can't decide how to narrow down my order....Can you do the monogramming?

a. said...

Fabulous! Love the seersucker!!!

Web Development said...

All of them are beautiful but my favorite is the multi-colored strip one.

pve design said...

I want one of each! They are such a hit for gifts. I always have a photo or two that needs a home.....
I will e-mail you!

Marnie said...

thanks everyone for your compliments - these fabrics make me smile - glad you like them too

Jennifer said...

Marnie..I named a fabric after you but the factory dropped the e oh well it's the thought that counts!!

d.h. said...
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d.h. said...

This post dovetails nicely with the very well done article about you in the Daily Stamford:
Congratulations. Such grace under fire.

d.h. said...

Oh. I see, 2010.