Friday, July 31, 2009

Wonderful images by Maira Kalman.

Last friday of the month;
another installment from the famous and oh so creative
Maira Kalman.
Read on for a sampling and then make the jump
Lots of great information on Ben Franklin

We will be checking our odometer
as we drive miles and miles on our college road trip.
One stop will be in Thomas Jefferson country

Ben Franklin wrote lists and lists;
imagine what he could do with excel spread sheets

Miss Is and d.h. have put together the lists and our itinerary.
I am simply a passenger
and occasional driver.
Libby, our dog, will be along for the ride.
A real family affair...

I still keep my 28 days list
with tasks and goals;
it is a little stale these days.
Must get back to it.
Two weeks of traveling, exploring, visiting, doing
will load me up with excitement and energy.

Everything is invented.
Miss Is wants to create new things.

Go invent something.
Good Advice
and eat a peach.

I will be out of touch for awhile.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Have you heard of Sis Boom?

If not, read all about it here
interview on True Up

Love this wonderful picture of Jennifer.

Jennifer lives just up the road from me
and is loaded with infectious enthusiasm for life
and is one of the warmest people I know.

I have been lucky enough to show my work
at her semi-annual Sis Boom shows.

I love all the sis boom fabrics
as you have probably noticed

I branched out and came up with a few new
items created with Sis Boom fabrics for the
last two shows

crayon roll-ups
knitting needle bags

one of my all-time favorite creations:
a not-so-traditional holiday card board
so much fun

we have even collaborated on a few projects
here is a head board

These fabrics and colors are delicious.

Monday, July 27, 2009

view from my carrel at the library
exam on thursday
my daughter keeps asking if i have been procrastinating?

posting will be light
working all day
and studying at night
we have the most amazing library in town
two interior courtyards
sun streams into the building
there is a tree in the middle of the other courtyard
the library expansion was built around it
and the library is full of people
a wonderful resource

Sunday, July 26, 2009

a perfect summer table
photo by my friend Pam
at her house in RI

happy summer sunday

i am loving Julie and Julia

read My Life In France last summer

can't wait for the movie in a couple of weeks
jump here to get a sneak peak of the sets
and read an interview with the set designer
all courtesy of mrs. blandings.
need more entertainment
click on the movie trailer here

and if you want to go back to the blog that started it all
jump here:
just realized that this link doesn't go back to the beginning
which was september 2002

pigtown design did an excellent post yesterday
with lots of pics
click here to read it

Friday, July 24, 2009

bundles of fabrics arriving weekly
already made some samples and sold them
the colors in these two are much more vibrant

more to come

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

my neighbor at the wianno trunk show
her bio is very funny
beautiful pots

cool lamps
love the perforated look
the holey collection is made by her husband, lawrence mcrae

wonderful colors
i especially liked the two bowls pictured above
top middle and top right
my description:
white suns on cool sky and strings of pearls

colorful group
competition for jonathan adler and christopher spitzmiller

jill also licenses her work
here are some of her designs on melamine

trays my sister bought
for the boat

Polly put them to use right away

sisters together - marnie, polly and betsy
we had a wonderful dinner after the first day of the show
and rick came for dessert
we had pavlova
twice in one week!
hmmmmm good.
thanks polly for the berth, the fuel, the company
everything was perfect

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A few pictures from the trunk show
mrr design
lots of frames and boards to show and sell
lots of color
lots of interest and positive feedback
the view from my spot
and to the side
and up the other aisle
there were two more rooms
an assortment of goodies
from sparkly jewels, to fancy pots, goddess dresses to needlepoint flasks
and pretty scenery with plenty of sun and beautiful breezes

Monday, July 20, 2009

I am back after a terrific trunk show at the Wianno Club

Marnie at the table - smiling and selling - it was a wonderful show.
My sisters and niece were around which made the whole trip especially fun.
Polly helped me one day and gave me food and berth.
Betsy came to visit with Bernie and Winnie.
Miss Steph pictured below with some of her friends.
Photos by Kristen Pearce who wrote about the trunk show on her blog:
Summer In Newport
thanks for the pop Kristen - check out kristen's blog here

more to follow...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My friend Mary Tucciarone had another one of her great sales
last week.
Don't you just LOVE the banner.
A Sis Boom creation.
Check out Mary's studio reflected in the mirror.
Windows on three sides - a terrific space.

Mary is a great stylist, artist, treasure seeker extraordinaire

Jennifer Paganelli, of Sis Boom fame raves about Mary's work here:

Twice a year Mary holds a tag sale.
Vistors have great time sifting through
Mary's estate and tag sale stash.

check out the fall sale - click here
This year was no exception: I found lots of treasures.
These would be great hanging on a tree
or in a screened porch
I wanted to buy them, but I resisted.
lots of goodies
my pictures aren't very good

Here is what I did find:

I added this large tin in the style of Wedgewood to my collection.
(just right for cookie overflow)
I wanted to buy one like this last autumn but resisted.
I had to buy it this time.

My little collection started with the tea canister
with greek goddesses.
This little tin makes me happy - not sure why, but it does.
Perhaps because it is so different and
I can think about my love of art and symbolism when I look at the goddesses.

This find was followed by the small tin with the three graces -
thanks to Jennifer Paganelli
It will serve as another sewing tin.

A finally the last bargain of the day
a charming square tablecloth.
You will see this at my next boutique.
And on top of it all - it was a beautiful day.
I walked two miles back and forth
dancing in appreciation of the fine summer's day.