Monday, February 28, 2011

What do you think about three o'clock?
When I am at home in the late winter, I love sitting in my kitchen
at three o'clock.
It is cold outside, but the sun pours in through the windows,
making the kitchen bright and extra warm.
Perfect time for a cup of tea.
It makes me happy even imagining it.
I never seem to be home any more.
Still looking for balance.

I saw this plaque embedded in a sidewalk in Washington DC
last fall. It made me smile.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hibernation is ending.
This is how I begin
when a designer asks me to quote material requirements for a memento board.
I know there is some sort of math equation that I could use,
but I am much more visual.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another February "off the needles" project.
Neck warmer shipped up north
to keep my little girl warm as she walks around campus.
It arrived just in time for Valentine's Day
I didn't post earlier - didn't want to spoil the surprise.
Delicious cashmere
with a beautiful summer hue and soft, warm texture



still got some stash...
enough for a few more neck warmers

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I emerged from hibernation briefly last week,
working a three night power work session to finish a big order
that is going to Florida.
Finished in the nick of time.
Now back to knitting.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My fellow knit wit, Kris, found this fun and practical knitting bag on etsy.
Love the new take on the popular WWII poster from London:
from Keep Calm and Carry On to Keep Calm and Carry Yarn.

More projects "off the needles"
I carried my yarn to my home territory near Boston and was able to finish this blanket.
Two and one-half years in the making. Slow and steady wins the race - right?
My Father and I made a trip to see the college student so that I could hand deliver this treasure just in time for another snow storm.
Great picture of Grampa and Miss Is
on a cold and bright winter day.

Still have quite a stash of yarn and projects.
More off the needles later this week.
The momentum is great.
I may even finish putting together a sweater that I started more than 6 years ago!

Knitting is a wonderful way to pass the time during cold winter evenings.
Very relaxing too.
And I have so much more time to knit during my hibernation period.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Do you recognize the lamp shade fabric?
It is my friend Jennifer's design -
Jennifer of Sis Boom fame.

Featured in the Adore Home, British edition

You might remember my Autumn 2010 line.

Jennifer's fabrics always find their way on to my frames
see the below

Sis Boom collection called Poodle
this design is called Marnie
(just like me)
see my blog post about this here

Just last week I saw this rug in Connecticut Cottages and Gardens
February issue
(the blue and green design below)

and to my delight I discovered it was a Sis Boom design
This is a whole new direction for Jennifer.
Love it
Way to Go Jennifer

Thursday, February 17, 2011

An interesting variation on the memento board
This clever "window" opening between the bedrooms of two sisters.

It reminds me of the dutch doors that were popular decades ago. The photo below is of Barbara Garfield, a designer of "in scale" properties ... more on this interesting lady next week.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Did anyone follow Stylebeat's contest last year?

Marisa Marcantonio is a former style editor for House Beautiful and O at Home.
Marisa challenged her blog readers to ''submit an example of how you or someone stylish you know turned a page into reality with an idea brought to life from the book’s pages."
Winners received one of five terrific new design books - click here for full details.

I could not resist and submitted two entries:

My Inspiration came from Charlotte Moss's books,
A Passion For Detail, and Creating A Room,
which were both illustrated by the talented James Steinmeyer
whose watercolor illustrations were infinitely more interesting
than photographs.

I loved Steinmeyer's illustrations so much
that I bought the series, printed on card stock,
from Charlotte Moss's first store.

Years later I discovered a stash of artwork by a grand aunt.
I wasn't wild about my grand aunt's pen and ink drawings,
but I loved the frames.
I found five more frames to match,
then framed the James Steinmeyer illustrations,
and hung them in a group
in my living room
to mimic window panes.
A Room With a View

In fact,
a room with many views
of other interiors;
mini views where the viewer looks in instead of out.

My series of views,
grand rooms, famous in the annals of interior decoration history,
are a fun curiosity in my quirky, antique, Connecticut cottage.

A list of the illustrated rooms
Diana Vreeland's living room, Coco Chanel's living room, Bedroom of Mark Twain, Dining area of Thomas Jefferson, Ogden Codman's sitting room at the Grange, Cecil Beaton's drawing room at Beaton House, Elsie de Wolfe's bathroom; Winston Churchill's drawing room at Chartwell, Duchess of Windor's dressing room and Vita Sackville's writing room at Sissinghurst.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How am I doing with my new year's resolutions or goals?

1) Less procrastination: improving, but still a long way to go

2) Finish one knitting project per month: look what came off the needles in January

one week ago below and then presto
a cozy neck warmer making it up north for my little miss is

the blanket that I started in September of 2008
all that's left is to seam it together.
February's off the needles feature

3) Get through my stacks of old magazines: not yet

4) Read one book per month: slow, not enough time

5) Work on more happiness every day: yes, I read the happiness project daily

6) And last but not least, develop more MRR Design business: I am still in hibernation mode, but I had a wonderful meeting with two creative friends - we are collaborating on ideas and projects - exciting, inspiring, fun,

Remember to be grateful.
Trust in my faith.
Trust in myself.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monograms are still "in"
see monogrammed tray, table, bag
photo of Lamshop
at the NYIGF
as seen on Stylebeat

Love this booth design too- very creative - painted canvas walls

monogram trend
bodes well for my little frames

Friday, February 4, 2011

thoughts inspired by
wallpaper for an art project -

stream of consciousness as I look at this image:


life has ebbed and flowed. these days my mood is a tad noir but then I pop back to my happy self when I see a see something or hear something or read something that sparks my interest.

It doesn't take much - the ah ha effect is wonderful.

soon i will be cranking out the spring 2011 line.
that always makes me happy.

i have a big show planned for april/may in richmond, virginia:
daisy days at st catherine's school.
road trips are fun.
new places, new people and my frames will be new to them so i hope they fly off the table.
i love having my display loaded with frames and photographs of my family. customers love looking at the photos in my display too. sometimes they recognize a place or even a person.

today it is freezing; i need a little more zest in my life. i think i will make a lemon confection tonight. that ought to cheer me up. sweets are wonderful for chasing the blues away. just gotta watch the lbs. writing and reading are good ways to chase the blues away too. probably a healthier way and even bike riding could do the trick, if there weren't so much snow on the ground.

look at the little speck of pink in the corner. that spells hope and love.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New shapes for memento and inspiration boards
Sunny Goode's fun new memento board above

Makes you want to forget the ho-hum square or rectangle
Why not get out your jigsaw and cut out a wonderful shape
like the mirror above?
Photo via Stylebeat - Mr Brown's booth at NYIGF

More fun new shapes

Ideas are percolating in my head
with all the info from the NYIGF scouts
like Marisa at Stylebeat
and my friend Robin from Seabeans Studio

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Old man winter is at it again!
Photo from NYSD