Saturday, October 3, 2009

I have written about Ambler Farm a few times.
It is my second favorite place in town - same for Libby the pooch.
This is our walk- we do a figure 8 around the top field
and then head back to the barn and beyond.
Everything was a buzz at the farm today; Ambler Farm Day is Sunday -
the BIG fundraiser.

This is one of the favorite activities - the catapult - pumpkins are hurled into the fields
longest hurl wins something...
As you may recall, the Knit Wits, my knitting group here in town,
decided to create a scarecrow for Ambler Farm Day -
check out the earlier posts here and here
Today we assembled the guy - he is very big

I will post the completed scarecrow on Sunday.
I had to leave before he was finished.
I had a pitch meeting at a new wholesale account
and I got the business - yea!

Head on stick - I know, it looks a bit medieval
and, no, he wasn't beheaded.

Our inspiration below
scarecrow done in Atlanta

We have some very talented knitters in the group - check out today's show & tell
all garments knit by prodigious p. - just beautiful -
I am still working on my blanket project from last September
it will be done eventually...

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pve design said...

let them eat crow! wishing I were a scare-crow to see that beautiful project...looks fab!