Sunday, August 29, 2010

To borrow a phrase from swissmiss: made me look

a bike on a bike,
a bike on steroids,
a bike on stilts...
we were stuck in traffic
and couldn't imagine how this guy would actually bike

we wondered whether he just pushed it around town for effect.
but no,
he ascended just like he was going up a ladder,
one foot here, another one there, then
he mounted just like he would a horse.
up and off
unfortunately no picture of stilt bike riding.
it was a sight to see though!
city life

country life
just as nutty
i saw a flying bicycle the other night
no, i am not crazy
it is the second time i have seen this contraption this summer
i tried to take a picture
but it was too far away
i googled never know
this is what i found


miss is said...

inspiration in a traffic jam...mrr has quite the creative mind! but we already knew that :-) xoxoxo

vicki archer said...

A strange contraption for sure....but it works...xv

My Notting Hill said...

That's wild!!