Monday, September 14, 2009


2009 fall line

Lime Domino w/aqua ribbon or green ribbon

Pink Domino

left: Moorish Pink;
middle: Gothic Flower;
right: Rose Window

Sis Boom Hot House

Pink Trees
Lime Trees

Geo Disc Aqua

Deck of Cards
Lime and Pink
Lime and Aqua

front: blue/lime
middle: lime
back: pink

Clover Dot

Lily Bell

Books, Books, & more books
Green background w/ blue or navy ribbon
Blue background with blue or navy ribbon

(so tired from studying)
with blue or navy ribbon

Brown Zebra
w/ pink velvet ribbon
w/ orange grosgrain

Brown Mingle, in back

Sis Boom Stripes
Bright w/ aqua
Subdued w/ brown

Sis Boom Wallpaper
Brown w/pink

Stone Path, front
Brown Mingle, back

French Hat Box blue with stripe ribbon
Also comes in Pink and Tan


pve design said...


a. said...

I love them all! Can't wait to purchase.

I think these are going to make some great presents this holiday season.

Alyssa @ Coterie Blog

Kwana said...

It's looking so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I would like to order a bulletin board-- I purchased a stone path at Wianno Club last summer and want a second one; can you please post clearly on your site how one can order a bulletin.

Marnie said...


please e-mail me:
or telephone me: 203-216-8717
i hope to have a website this year but until then the blog is my showcase and method of ordering is via e-mail or tel. i can do custom work too if you want to send me your own fabric. look forward to hearing from you.