Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Anatomy of my fun, cheerful 
Sis Boom Christmas Card Tree 

After weeks of procrastination, I got down to my task
on Monday night after a full day at the office
I cut the squares...

laid out a pattern of sorts

pulled out the sewing machine
looking good

all together
a little weary at 11:30 pm 
but pleased with the result

Tuesday - night of construction
Cheerful Christmas Card Boards
just slip the cards in between the fabric and ribbon
Ball fringe used for the first time - I thought it would look like ornaments.
Another late night finish
 just in time for the Sis Boom show.
Delivered to Jennifer's house on Wednesday 
along with frames and needle cases seen in yesterday's post


d.h. said...

Lovely fabric and design!

Also. Check out Arianna Huffington on blogging, 12/3 Daily Show. Very Funny

pve design said...

Wow. What kind of vitamins do you take to work a full day and still have the energy for that? Those are very cute and would be great all year!

vicki archer said...

That is amazing - fabulous idea and gorgeous also. Thank you for stopping by French Essence and your lovely comment - I am glad so you and your daughter are in the draw for the books. xv