Monday, December 1, 2008


Delicious fruit

beautiful color

tart and tangy 

the fruit keeps a month or more in the fridge

I put pomegranate seeds on my home-made yogurt in the morning
along with wheat germ and a little granola

ooh la la  that's livin'

I learned the trick to removing seeds from Nigella:
cut fruit in half
bang on rind with the back of a wooden spoon
best to put a wide mouthed bowl in the sink
to catch flying seeds and spattering juice

weekend yogurt preparation

before the slow cook

during the 12 hour cook

the next morning - voila!

 first 4 pomegranate photos courtesy of Smitten Kitchen


pve design said...

Oh. that Nigella, she is bloody brilliant... love pomegranates here!

d.h. said...

Nice photography!