Wednesday, September 2, 2009

back in the studio a/k/a garage again
i have got my work cut out for me

here's my pal, Libby
she likes to hang out in the car while I work

check out the assembly line
i am in love with the fall 2009 fabrics
delicious, as diane vreeland would say

this snappy dozen went to a store on Nantucket

then one week later, Stephanie gave me an order for another dozen

this is the 5th order from Stephanie's this summer
that's right, 60 frames to one boutique

spread the word
these frames are hot
(gotta be your own advocate)
ps. I just delivered more to Milestones in New Canaan
and Sea Beans in Wilton


a. said...

I love your frames and have bookmarked the sites you've mentioned in this post. Can I purchase online?

Alyssa @ Coterie Blog
coterieblog at gmail dot com

Marnie said...

more on my etsy shop shelves soon - after my laborious labor day weekend -