Saturday, September 26, 2009

I decided to enter the

The contest is for professional and non-professional decorators,
so I thought, why not.

I submitted pictures of miss is's bedroom.

Last year I featured some pictures of the redesigned bedroom.
Why I think this room is great:
it is colorful, cheerful, quirky, not fussy,
loaded with finds from estate sales,
old family furniture,
and pulled together with vibrant Sea Cloth fabrics.
I just love these fabrics -
check out the website

It is a small room, but it feels just right.
That's me at 5 - hanging over the bookcase
Portrait done by the man who painted all the "Breck girls"

I used this very chair back in the seventies at my desk.
New fabric, but even back then it had fun fabric.
My mother had it covered in oversized pink and white houndstooth
I got my creative gene from Jean (my mother)
more on that another day

We found the desk at Brimfield for $50 and repainted it.
We removed the wallpaper border and painted the underlying wall lime green
to match the desk and provide a nice contrast to the blue walls.
Believe it or not, we were able to remove the border without repainting the whole room
Twin beds and bedside table from my father's family
Inspiration board done by me - but you can't see it with all the stuff!
Bookcase found at local estate sale and repainted.
Bureau was the "baby's room" bureau from my childhood home.
Needlepoint pillow done by moi for my dear miss is
Artwork done by my sister Betsy and miss is.

It is not perfect, not "designery", but it is just right according to
miss is.

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I love that she loves it as much as you do!