Monday, February 8, 2010

In my last post I told you about some family talent.
Here are some paintings by my sister B.
You can see more of B's artwork on her website here.

Don't you just love the bottles of nail polish above.
Choose a color, any color, for your weekly indulgence.
This painting is in B's bathroom in her beach house.
I love it.

Another fun painting located in the guest bathroom.
A painted reflection of the real medicine cabinet to the right.
Check out the colorful contents.

And then here is another style.
This is Quissett harbor.
Remember the post about a winter walk at the cape
this is the very same harbor

This painting greets me every morning as I traipse downstairs
for a daily cup of coffee and the NYT -
it is nestled in a nook above the staircase
and here I am at the Cape - painting and photo by B
along with a delightful mermaid from
the Nantucket Mermaid - more here
ps. nantucket mermaid has some loverly treats for Valentine's Day

My sister B is also a very talented interior decorator
check out her website here
Give B a ring if you want some help on a project.
B works with clients throughout New England .

I did a post last year about B's talent - click here
Love your work Bets!
That cupcake looks delish!

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a. said...

LOVE it! Looking for something for my empty walls too.