Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good Morning
A winter view of paradise
the the birds are chirping..the sun is brilliant
and the snow is dazzling...
spring will be here soon.

Posts have been sporadic these last couple of months.
The day job has taken a lot of time in 2010...
just finished another big exam...
spent a lot of time in the library...

My perch for the last few weekends
but a lovely place to be
Our public library is wonderful -
a place for everyone
and this lovely courtyard
just right for daydreaming while I am supposed to be studying
Here is the other spot where I have spent most of my time
this winter.
the office view

There is a tidal river just outside the window.
I love it because the scene is always changing from low tide to high tide.
Another great view for daydreaming.
And a great place for a walk and fresh air
during the day.

Now that the studying is done
I can concentrate on fabric and the spring collection
visuals treats soon


home before dark said...

Found your blog through Bloomsbury Life. Love the art!

Charlotte said...

Hey Marnie,
Missed your blogs. What have you been studying for?


Love the silence in the pictures - Great Images!!!