Sunday, October 24, 2010

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Dark Chocolate Rose

I went to a fun wedding in

Maine this weekend

and then I was looking

through draft posts and

look what I found.

Rococo is a fabulous

chocolate shop.

I lived in London for

a spell and this delightful

spot was just down the road -

I was a student at the time

and on a limited budget.

Lucky for me the

dollar was trading

at a very favorable rate!

But I still limited myself

to 3 truffles at a time.

Wish I remembered

this post earlier.

I could have brought

a chocolate bar for

my lovely Aunt Brenda,

mother of the groom,

who looked beautiful.

The bride was a

beauty too!

I know Brenda

would have loved

a rose-flavored

chocolate bar.

My mother would have

loved a rose-flavored

chocolate bar too,

especially today because

today would have been

her 57th

wedding anniversary.

A fashion feature called
'Mother of the Bride',
in the Best Scottish Weddings,
said of our

"Couture chocolate is oh-so-now and
we think this dark chocolate bar
with a hint of rose should be given as a
sweet little thank-you
token to Mums-of-the-Bride everywhere."

Here is the full ad and the copy
in case you want to jump the links...

We couldn't agree more!
Why not show your appreciation
even further by giving the
Mother of the Bride a delightful
As well as Violetti di Parma,
how about some rich delicious
chocolate wafers,
infused with flavours like Cardamom,
Need to say a really big thank you?
Then take a look at Rococo's classic

Share the joy of Rococo Chocolate Floral Bars
this year. Great gifts for
Mums of the Bride everywhere -
not just in Scotland...

ps.sorry for the wierd post layout
i could not get the full page
to appear - hence the squishy, lengthy column


Chocolate Delivery said...

Thanks so much from all at Rococo Chocolates :)

Miss Is said...

yummy yummy yummy! rose flavored chocolate sounds dreamy! we love our delicious treats in this family! xoxo