Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today is Sunday.

Like most church-going folks and other non church-going folks, I believe in treating people the way you would like to be treated.

While this is not a political blog, I would like to comment on the current political atmosphere.

I voted for Obama. I campaigned for him. It was the first time that I was so heavily involved in a political election. I am proud of my work and my OBAMA sticker remains on my car.

So here's my beef: my husband was driving the car yesterday, waiting at a stop light, a large SUV pulled up aside with windows open; the father and teenage son started chanting Obama s-----, repeatedly.

First, what are teaching your child and second, let's be more intelligent about the facts.

Then later in the day, I was driving the same car with the OBAMA sticker, waiting at a stop light, a van pulls up with a late middle aged man driving, who stares at me, then uses a vulgar gesture. I was rattled. It was creepy.

"Shrill political rhetoric and a demoralizing election" NYTimes

Most people know more about their local college football team stats than about the issues that will determine the election - they say "Don't bother us with facts, we have got our minds made up" Bill Clinton

"Where is the science, truth, and facts in the discussion?" John Kerry

Do people really know how their vote will affect them? Do they understand what is propelling the fierce political atmosphere - money - estimates are $4 billion - from the concealed corners of special interests. Do voters know who will help them? Something tells me it is not the fat-cats who are donating annoymously to the campaigns all over the country.

Are voters just angry about the state of their job/pension fund/retirement benefits/house value? Who is to blame for the state of the economy? These problems did not happen overnight...deregulation and greed, a toxic mix, were the main reasons the economy has been shattered. And it could have been a lot worse.

Where are we headed with all this belligerence and negativity?

With all the rhetoric, has anyone provided any real solutions or is it just slamming the opponent?

I guess the media is right, 2010 is the year of the angry voter.

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