Monday, September 29, 2008

 update - oops 
photo credit: d.h. xoxo

Meet Baylor,
an 8 week old Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever
such a cutie-pie
I met Baylor last week at my daughter's field hockey game.  
This darling puppy belongs to my cousin and her new hubby, 
(remember the island illustrations)
who were at the game because they just started working at the school 
(the competition).
Both benches were distracted at the end of the game by this fluff-ball.
Clearly, the doggie was the highlight!


pve design said...

oh - what a love!

Cote de Texas said...

cutie = but his head looks soooo big?!!! hahah

thanks for the comment!

Capegirl said...

Makes me want to go out and get another dog. My sister in law just got the most adorable 4 month old beagle-Winnie.

Sorry that I did not post back about the Holiday Spree. I am a shopper and have encouraged many of my friends to go to the show. Many Long Islanders are daunted by the bridge-I love it when they refer to Westchester as upstate. People were in awe when my daughter played ice hockey in Pelham!

DH said...

Photo credit?