Monday, September 22, 2008


All Things Bright and Beautiful

Felicity had the most amazing side bar of blogging tips & techniques.

I used her tips & techniques often after I jumped headfirst into blogland.

You can find some references to her blogging tips at 

another great blog.
I am sorry ATBB disappeared.

I hope she reappears.

I hope she is well.

last January
I was able to construct the collage 
of Manos de Uruguay yarn
pictured above.

Does anyone else have Felicity's blogging tips saved? 

I love to knit.
As do some of my friends.
Look at the tabletop scene from our last get together.
Aren't those lambs darling?

We get together about once a month from Sept to May.
This year we decided to each work on the same project.
We are each going to make a four seasons throw.
It is made with 12 squares, each measuring 12"x 12"
and joined together in strips of 3 with another color.
Each piece is knit in a different pattern.
Our plan is to work on the same square each month - 
that way we can all help each other when we hit the inevitable snafu.

Sounds like fun.
We are all using Manos del Uruguay yarn.

I decided to play around with the thumbnail sketches from purlsoho 
to create a collage to help me choose colors.
Do you like the combo?

The names of the colors are wonderful:
cheek - henna 
 cirrus - french blue
quail (for the border)


corine @ Hidden In France said...

I guess we both have Felicity on our mind. I agree, those blogging tips were awesome. Someone will pick up the slack I hope

pve design said...

Oh dear, how disconcerting to not have Felicity here. I do hope she is ok.

Pam said...

You have such a wonderful eye for color! Your blanket will be beautiful...and I must say, your knitting group sounds highly motivated!

pve design said...

we have a group like this here too - love to have the lamb instructions.

Marnie said...

patricia - the lambs were actually purchased in ireland by the owner of this house - very sweet -this same gal is the most industrious knitter of the bunch - the show and tell after summer was amazing -

karina said...

I have a few, very few, do want me to send it to you?
I miss her, I think she is still reading us, I am almost sure

Pigtown-Design said...

And you knit, too? Amazing, you are.

I've been missing Felicity, too. Wonder where she went?