Tuesday, September 16, 2008

no "real" post - 
i am ready to scream... again...
i deleted all my favorite places to visit on saturday -
how did I do it ?
- the wrong delete button - loud noises, bad language, fist pounding table - 
you get it - 
couldn't bring myself to sit down and reconstruct - 
finally tonight 
after two long days at the day job
i decide to reconstruct - after an hour or so... 
i decide to leave a comment on a blog
after getting the http address to add to my link list
and poof - gone in an instant ... how could i be so lame..
forgot to hit the all-important save button- so i'm closing shop  ...
i'll try to keep calm and carry on tomorrow
good night


Nantucket Mermaid said...

Good morning!Maybe you just need to sew for a while....we'll still be here!xoxo

Pigtown-Design said...

That SUCKS!!!!