Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just finished several custom memento boards
for a terrific repeat customer/friend.
Thanks Pam.
What is notable is that I made this
 memento board about 10 years ago,
and I was asked to remake it to match the renovated kitchen. 
here is the before version
large size 42" x 42"

Deconstructed and reconstructed
to the after version.
Hard to see the definition of the faux bois fabric:
maple with brown suede ribbon, but trust me, it is very cool.

You can see the detail in the frames below.

The board will hang on chocolate brown walls.  Delish.
I will post an in situ picture later.
Second part of the order was two "green/brown" boards
constructed from the recycled burlap bags with marlin twine.
Remember the post inspired by Earth Day.

Fair Trade  
Sustainable Harvest
one side of the sack
size 32" x 22"
the other side of the sack
32 x 22

I found coffee beans in the bottom of the sack.
The real deal. 
The coffee fragrance was delicous.


Nantucket Mermaid said...

Marty manages a fair trade coffee shop in Providence. If you want more bags, let me know! I like those....they must smell great!

pve design said...

They do smell great and look great!

annechovie said...

Marnie, you did a fabulous job, as usual. You know someone is a pro when they have customers stll returning after 10 years!