Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Working away in the studio 
still busy as a bee

the weather will soon be 
I will need tea and my mini heater and will unroll
 the fleece curtain over the window to block the cold wind from the north.
 A new addition this season
 will be my fingerless gloves

My daughter says I look like I stepped out of Oliver Twist or La Bohème.
I also wear a fleece pull-over with a fleece vest
remember, the studio is in the garage!

Books on tape or NPR complete the setting.
Currently listening to The Years by Virginia Wolff
and enjoying it very much.

Other books I have listened to while working this autumn:
The Great Fire 
by Shirley Hazzard
set at the end of 
WWII in the far east
written from a male perspective
history and a little love story - perfect

The Tipping Point 
by Malcolm Gladwell
how little things tip and become big things

I love to cook and enjoyed this book
about Julia Child and her husband and their life together in France.
I was disappointed when I discovered that the audio version was abridged.
I listened anyway.
I have the book on my library shelf waiting for the long cold winter.

I have listened to two other books this season
Martha's Rules
with a great story about the creator of purlsoho, 
the wonderful yarn and fabric store in soho, of course.
Joelle Hoverson started out at Martha Stewart Living.

And I listened to a chic lit story by Jane Green for something light.
It was set in a Connecticut town, modeled after a town not too far away.  

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