Sunday, July 19, 2009

My friend Mary Tucciarone had another one of her great sales
last week.
Don't you just LOVE the banner.
A Sis Boom creation.
Check out Mary's studio reflected in the mirror.
Windows on three sides - a terrific space.

Mary is a great stylist, artist, treasure seeker extraordinaire

Jennifer Paganelli, of Sis Boom fame raves about Mary's work here:

Twice a year Mary holds a tag sale.
Vistors have great time sifting through
Mary's estate and tag sale stash.

check out the fall sale - click here
This year was no exception: I found lots of treasures.
These would be great hanging on a tree
or in a screened porch
I wanted to buy them, but I resisted.
lots of goodies
my pictures aren't very good

Here is what I did find:

I added this large tin in the style of Wedgewood to my collection.
(just right for cookie overflow)
I wanted to buy one like this last autumn but resisted.
I had to buy it this time.

My little collection started with the tea canister
with greek goddesses.
This little tin makes me happy - not sure why, but it does.
Perhaps because it is so different and
I can think about my love of art and symbolism when I look at the goddesses.

This find was followed by the small tin with the three graces -
thanks to Jennifer Paganelli
It will serve as another sewing tin.

A finally the last bargain of the day
a charming square tablecloth.
You will see this at my next boutique.
And on top of it all - it was a beautiful day.
I walked two miles back and forth
dancing in appreciation of the fine summer's day.


Anonymous said...

It's a pleasure to see that YOU are recording all of the important events in town! I placed Mary's sale on my calendar only to race over within the first half hour and picked up 3 fabulous but small nautical paintings. She has such a talent! I hope you did well at the boutique-your display was fabulous!

Pigtown-Design said...

Have you seen the glassware in the "wedgwood" pattern? I have a bunch of it that i bought on ebay.

liz said...

I'm kind of glad I wasn't there, I see about 6 items that I would have loved to have bought!