Friday, July 31, 2009

Wonderful images by Maira Kalman.

Last friday of the month;
another installment from the famous and oh so creative
Maira Kalman.
Read on for a sampling and then make the jump
Lots of great information on Ben Franklin

We will be checking our odometer
as we drive miles and miles on our college road trip.
One stop will be in Thomas Jefferson country

Ben Franklin wrote lists and lists;
imagine what he could do with excel spread sheets

Miss Is and d.h. have put together the lists and our itinerary.
I am simply a passenger
and occasional driver.
Libby, our dog, will be along for the ride.
A real family affair...

I still keep my 28 days list
with tasks and goals;
it is a little stale these days.
Must get back to it.
Two weeks of traveling, exploring, visiting, doing
will load me up with excitement and energy.

Everything is invented.
Miss Is wants to create new things.

Go invent something.
Good Advice
and eat a peach.

I will be out of touch for awhile.