Tuesday, July 14, 2009

oh i couldn't; i just ate a grape.
One of my all-time best finds

gorgeous chandelier
from the 19th century

Got it at a local country auction.
It was the 2nd to last item
on a rainy summer day
almost 16 years ago.
Miss Is was still in the stroller
most everyone had left
I had very little competition
because I didn't have a lot to spend
to me
the winning bidder
It gets a little dusty so I rigged up this clever cleaning apparatus
much better than the last cleaning technique
when I laid the chandelier carefully on the ground
close up of the grapes and leaves
the purple glass is beautiful
Here is where it hangs
with the haying picture that I love so much.
There is a story behind everything you see
in this photo.
This may be the beginning of treasure posts.

I thought about this chandelier when I saw this on

A treasure recently spotted by PD
PD commented that this would look nice in a garden.
Yes, I agree.
I have been admiring just such a garden in my neck of the woods

at this wonderful little antique

you can see two fun chandeliers hanging in their garden

look carefully
do you see the pulley system
how ingenious for the candles

another view

The second chandelier has twigs winding all over it

I do not know the people who live here
nor have I ever driven by when the candles are burning.
It must be lovely.
Dining under the stars, with the sounds of the garden
and candles flickering overhead.


vicki archer said...

I love your chandelier and the idea of hanging one in the garden, xv.

Anonymous said...

good stealth taking the photos!!
"Miss Is"