Thursday, August 20, 2009

i am back
our college tour was a whirlwind
from north carolina to new hampshire
and then to the "cod"
loads of fun with cousins and round two of "the aunts"
ie: my sisters & me

this was a funny sight
old cadillac with bicycle and fishing rods jumbled in the back seat
crazy parking spot
the guy jumped out of the car and started cleaning the hood
a seagull...
i worked on a lot of small projects
one was knitted wash cloths.
some of my family members thought i was nuts
to spend so much time on a washcloth.
zoom in to read the wash cloth pattern.
i use them all the time instead of a sponge.
just pop into the washer at the end of the day
and use a fresh one in the morning.
here is another lady doing the same thing.
she was set up on the street in woods hole.
zoom in and read her sign.
she had great sweaters and hats for children.
if you need a perfect baby present and you don't have the time
nor inclination to knit
send sarah graham mann an e-mail
she doesn't have a website yet
funny looking sight
that is the drawbridge in the up position
with brother, daughter, niece, nephews watching the activity

the temperature was high
and the water was perfect


Miss Is said...

Fab photos!

JR said...

Maybe the sea gull guy and the nice wash cloth knitter could get together?

pve design said...

funny, i am knitting small things too and washcloths are in one of my knitting books and I love the idea...
good to know I am not the only crazy one!