Thursday, July 1, 2010

Check out this custom frame order I finished recently...
It was ordered by a blogger friend, patricia of pve design,
for another blogger,
and look at the beautiful drawing of Alice done by patricia of pve.

Patricia captured Alice perfectly:
from the colorful ballet flats,
to the lilly dress,
hermes bangles,
& glass of vino by the seashore.

If you read summer is a verb, i think you will agree.
You should contact Patricia if you would like a beautiful sketch...
go to her website here to see more of her work.

Alice has some of my other frames
and she did a fun post on my products...
Summer is a verb was quoted recently in the NYTimes - here
Alice is ready for the revival of all things preppy,
and so is mrr design.

Just think of the fun presents you could order,
custom-made, here in America.
Contact me if you would like a special one-of-a-kind present
for someone special.
The monogrammed frames have been a HUGE HIT THIS YEAR.
Join the fun - order one today.
I have a top-notch monogrammer
one to two weeks for completion -

yes, really that fast...

the blogosphere goes round and round


pve design said...

I love the way Summertime can bring out the best!
Thanks for creating that special frame for "Summer is a verb" - seersucker no less and pink and green to the grave, or shall I say to the shore.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

I was just in/on Nantucket the other day and saw your darling frames in ....where was it?..Nantucket Looms? Somewhere like that. They were darling. :)