Thursday, July 15, 2010

monograms galore
popping up everywhere
like this custom fabric from

a stool: retail made custom with a handsome monogram
and below, also seen on elements of style
a ceramic plate from Jill Rosenwald.

Last summer Jill and I had booths next to each other at a boutique
I loved her work and did a post on her - click here
She is adding to the preppy monogram fever that is growing hotter every day.

You can see why I am having such a banner season with monograms on my frames

and plates, plates and more
via Eddie Ross who saw the story in House Beautiful

Go to dabney lee to custom design your planner
like the one below.
I gave one to miss is to take to college.
You fill in the dates and months yourself
so you can start whenever you want
and so many cover designs and monogram styles.
check out the link here
and start planning!

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a. said...

Love the seersucker patched frames!