Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love a happy customer.
And she took the time to write me a note

when she received the board pictured above.

Clover leaf fabric in reverse colorways on frame and a desktop
love 'em both


Miss Is said...

The art of the thank you note = such an easy way to make someone's day

Thanks for passing it along to me


Marnie said...

you bet miss is - and once a person receives a thoughtful thank you note, they will certainly be inspired to send a few notes themselves. You could write the book: "the art of the thank you note"... they really do make a person's day - especially because we receive so few hand-written notes these days - remember our song - waiting for the mailman - "bills and junk, junk and bills, that's all there it, that's all there is... bills and junk"