Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I love maps.
Where I am sitting right now is sometimes called the map room.
I love to know where I am going.
Navigation is my job on car trips,
but I am not so good on the iphone directions.
I much prefer the real thing.

You have got to admit that these furniture pieces covered in maps are very clever.

I have seen rooms wallpapered with old nautical maps.

And look at this room from the October 2010 House Beautiful; it was designed by Daniel Sachs. a bloomsbury life (one of my regular reads) showcased this room on her blog.

a wider view of the room
Imagine reading stories at bedtime with that expansive map on the wall.
House Beautiful, October 2010.
Interiors by Daniel Sachs. Photos by Ngog Minh Ngo.)

I have seen trays decoupaged with more old maps.

Of course I have many maps on my walls,

but maps on furniture - this is a first.

I saw the mapped furniture on Elements of Style here - the creator is Bryonie Porter here.

Something I might attempt sometime

for a dear girl I know who is REALLY into maps too.

You got it - the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Maps are her latest dorm decoration.


Miss Is said...

what could be more wonderful than maps? a window to the world....xox

Pigtown-Design said...

LOVE maps! Especially old nautical charts. I worked for the Chesapeake Bay FOundation and had an office papered with all of the charts of the Bay!