Monday, November 1, 2010

Marisa Marcantonio, author of the terrific blog, Stylebeat, and former style editor of House Beautiful and O at home, wrote a wonderful
post on Albert Hadley's Rooms with a View,
the miniature showhouse in Southport, Connecticut.

Mr Hadley, founder of Rooms with a View and honorary chairman each year, is retiring this year, and closing his design firm, so I urge you, as does Marisa,
to visit Rooms with a View this week.
November 4, 5, and 6.
The vignettes will be wonderful, given the star line-up of designers.

And don't forget to visit the marketplace boutiques;
I was a marketplace vendor many years ago and loved it.
And to top it all off, Rooms with a View is located in beautiful
Southport, Connecticut.
You will have such a delightful time at the show
and wandering around the village.

While you are there, you must visit the Fairfield Women's Exchange,
a short walk away, where you will find a lovely assortment of gifts,
everything from beautiful hand knit baby sweaters and hats,
to handsome, well constructed wooden toys,
to objects for the house
and antiques.
And mrr design's wonderful pictures frames and memento boards.

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