Monday, February 21, 2011

My fellow knit wit, Kris, found this fun and practical knitting bag on etsy.
Love the new take on the popular WWII poster from London:
from Keep Calm and Carry On to Keep Calm and Carry Yarn.

More projects "off the needles"
I carried my yarn to my home territory near Boston and was able to finish this blanket.
Two and one-half years in the making. Slow and steady wins the race - right?
My Father and I made a trip to see the college student so that I could hand deliver this treasure just in time for another snow storm.
Great picture of Grampa and Miss Is
on a cold and bright winter day.

Still have quite a stash of yarn and projects.
More off the needles later this week.
The momentum is great.
I may even finish putting together a sweater that I started more than 6 years ago!

Knitting is a wonderful way to pass the time during cold winter evenings.
Very relaxing too.
And I have so much more time to knit during my hibernation period.

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Miss Is said...

Blanket already in full service...thank you thank you thank you MRR xoxox