Friday, February 4, 2011

thoughts inspired by
wallpaper for an art project -

stream of consciousness as I look at this image:


life has ebbed and flowed. these days my mood is a tad noir but then I pop back to my happy self when I see a see something or hear something or read something that sparks my interest.

It doesn't take much - the ah ha effect is wonderful.

soon i will be cranking out the spring 2011 line.
that always makes me happy.

i have a big show planned for april/may in richmond, virginia:
daisy days at st catherine's school.
road trips are fun.
new places, new people and my frames will be new to them so i hope they fly off the table.
i love having my display loaded with frames and photographs of my family. customers love looking at the photos in my display too. sometimes they recognize a place or even a person.

today it is freezing; i need a little more zest in my life. i think i will make a lemon confection tonight. that ought to cheer me up. sweets are wonderful for chasing the blues away. just gotta watch the lbs. writing and reading are good ways to chase the blues away too. probably a healthier way and even bike riding could do the trick, if there weren't so much snow on the ground.

look at the little speck of pink in the corner. that spells hope and love.

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Miss Is said...

these musings made my day...and you must have wished on this beautiful, warm Super Bowl Sunday with those musings! cheers xoxo Miss Is