Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blog friends - your opinion please...
I told you yesterday that I was going to try the 
 faux bois with suede trim

What do you think?
Which do you like better?

grosgrain with saddle stitch or suede?

the rosewood still looks more orange in photo than in real life

another new fabric
wild zebra
with black suede trim

with cherry red suede

and vivid pink velvet

which trim do you like with the zebra?


pve design said...

Love the suede. Love the red or pink on the zebra but the black is chic too.
They all look great!

Nantucket Mermaid said...

I like the solid ribbon on the first two frames...the solid on the pale frame, and the dot on the orange-ish frame and I like the red on the zebra....but they all look swell when I look at them again. I bet you'll do well with them! xo

Marnie said...

thanks ladies for your comments - i got a few e-mails and a telephone call too - consensus - the suede on the faux bois and the red on the zebra. A mini focus group - not bad for some quick market research

Pigtown-Design said...

PINK!!!! I love black, white and hot pink.