Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I spent hours pouring over fabric swatches
for the fall line.

Here are two great new fabrics:
the faux bois collection


and rosewood

the color isn't as orange as it looks

so real looking - quite the conceit-
soft wooden frames

Suede trim will be used too.
for a good contrast, what do you think?


Nantucket Mermaid said...

I like them! We are getting alot of faux wood stationery products in the Bookstore.....postcards,journals,beautiful guest have your finger on the pulse, girl! xo

pve design said...

Love these and they are very "au courant" - would be pretty set next to a table of fall apples.

Marnie said...

so glad you guys like the faux bois - check out tomorrow - faux bois with suede

Pigtown-Design said...

Those look like such fun. I have a great ribbon I found last xmas and it's felt with top stitching on the edges. that would look great with the faux bois.

Marnie said...

meg - if you have any info on that ribbon - style, maker etc - maybe I can look into getting some - just send an e-mail - check tomorrow for the suede look