Thursday, July 17, 2008


photo by Frances Janisch, July Country Living Magazine

to my dear friend Charlotte

here she is with her grandson

Charlotte and Appleseed Farm 
are purveyors of the absolutely scrumptious 
delicious fruit fillings for your "homemade pies"
from fruit grown in their own orchards

 I am so happy to report that 
Charlotte and Appleseed Farm
are winners !

Congratulations on your achievement as a  
Country Living 
Women Entrepreneur winner

Charlotte and I met at the Country Living Women Entrepreneurs Conference
where we both pitched our product, 
along with Tricia Lowenfield, also a winner, and featured in my July 3, 2008 post.

Charlotte and I sat together as we waited to "pitch". 
We boosted each other and then enjoyed the rest of the conference seated next to each other, chatting and learning about our lives, passions and businesses.
I knew then that Charlotte would be a winner...
I even told her that I would put money on her.

As I mentioned earlier, I posted a few weeks back about Tricia Lowenfield, another gal that I met at the conference who pitched at the same time, who is also a winner!
I have corresponded with each of these ladies since March 
and featured them in my 2nd and 3rd blog postings.  
I loved their products.
And lo an behold they are both winners.
I feel like a moth to the light - I was drawn to the winners!

Read my early blogs, #2 & #3 in April and you will learn so much more.



pve design said...

I do love Pie! Sounds like a great product.
As my Mom always tells me, "Cream rises to the top."

Nantucket Mermaid said...

Wow...what a great Idea...You're a winner,too, Marnie, and don't ever forget it!xoxo