Saturday, July 19, 2008

Off to the Cod
yes, I know, Cod is wrong, but it is a family joke.

The whole family will be congregating in Falmouth this weekend.
We live far and wide across the USA so this weekend will be fun...
three sistahs go to Falmouth in the summer 
and the rest of us are bunking in with them.
thanks sistahs!
Six siblings and spouses and children and Dad.
That's me in the painting and photo above 
painted by my sistah Betsy a couple of summers ago
during a visit to the Cod.
Check out Betsy's painting on her blog.
She is an interior decorator too!

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pve design said...

How wonderful that you are all reuniting on the Cape!
Enjoy your family, the beach, and be inspired by everything! I trust you will!