Friday, August 29, 2008

Denver, 30 January 2008
Check out the two cute faces in the crowd, lower right,
my 12 year-old twin nieces, Lilly and Charlotte.
They were thrilled to be so close to Barack Obama.
"He shook Lilly's hand and smiled at Charlotte."

Denver, 28 September 2008
so exciting
everybody is talking about the possibility, the hope, the change
and drawing parallels to JFK and 1960

I'm an Obama Mama
my pocket book

Found this pin from 1960 at my father's house this winter
same excitment today


pve design said...

Change is good. His words and his attitude are refreshing. I see goodness in him and his view of our world.

corine said...

do you read barefoot in the orchard? she spoke to Barrack on the phone. This is very six degrees.. I hope it rubs off on me somehow.

Robin said...

How exciting that your neices got so close! What a great moment in history for them (and us). I am excited about an election for the first time in my life.