Friday, August 8, 2008

I am very excited to be on a quasi-vacation,
from the office, that is....
got lots of work ahead me for mrr design.
Check out my new fabrics.

Anyone with a fabric fetish like me knows about purlsoho.
Purl has a beautiful website with delicious yarns and fabrics.
Cake Rock Beach, pictured above, was designed by Joelle Hoverson, the founder of Purl.

Here is my expanded faux bois collection. 
I highlighted the maple and rosewood last week.
The pink pine, fushcia and light pink, are fabulous. 
I was so excited when they arrived - all the way from Nebraska and Oregon. 
and the red cane (not quite faux bois, but ...) 

Remember Good & Plenty candy?
that is the name of the two middle fabrics pictured below.
Can you just taste the old-fashioned soft and chewy licorice candy, 
first made in 1893!

The other two dots are fun.
The elongated dots on the right remind me of the 
 double oo in the word look
that my daughter would color to look like eyes
when she was young. 
Isabel's relatives thought it was very funny 
when they received a thank you note with the 
colored-in look eyes.
Wish i could manipulate the computer to color the oos
fancy fruit will make great frames with pink or brown saddle stitch ribbon

and my geometrics 
The fabric on the right is by Anna Maria Horner
up all night garden party
Was she up all night designing with all the colors of her garden swirling in her head?

some handsome damask and some very mod damask 

busy few weeks ahead 
stay tuned for lots of new frames

I always order too much fabric;
too many choices for my customers.
But I can't resist.
Still more to come from Heather Bailey,
who has a wonderful new collection.

ps.  i almost forgot - today is a very good day
A very good number, 
so lucky that the Chinese changed the Olympics to start today,
precisely at 8:08 pm on 8-8-08.

something about those double oos
around and around - no end - continuous loop
great if it's a loop of good fortune!
I think there is a lot of good karma in the loop.

talk about the power of 8 in her life!


Robin said...

So many fun and beautiful fabrics, it would be impossible to pick a favorite!

ps - thanks for stopping by my virtual house tour...

corine said...

I love the simple way you're showing them. Those pears are my favorites, so retro and hip at the same time. Happy 8/8/08!

Jane said...

Hi Marnie,
I loved receiving your note. Thank you! I've just been wandering around your blog, connecting to your links and marveling at it all. I love what you're up to.
Jane Pollak

pve design said...

purl soho, i could move right in that store and be content! fabrics, trims make me so so happy!
love all your new fabs, they will make great frames.

My Notting Hill said...

Great fabrics - love the pink coral one at the top (I never get tired of it) and the light blue geometric. Also - loved the Less Travelled sign!

Fifi Flowers said...

LOve this way of showing fabric... FUN!