Thursday, August 28, 2008

In 1996 a group of people in my town sought to bring more diversity to town.

A Better Chance (ABC) was established in 1963 
and recruits minority high school students
 for placement in independent and public high schools.
The Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, is a graduate of the program. 
He says: "This organization starts from the premise that talent resides in every American Community - and then puts that talent in the way of opportunity.  
It's as simple and as powerful as that.  And it's transforming too - 
for 13 and 14 year olds like I was and for the institutions we pass through".

This is the original ABC House in Wilton.
Our program was initially for boys.  It has grown to 8 boys.
As the program expanded the boys moved to a bigger house.
This year 4 girls were added to the program.
This is where they will live.

A group of talented individuals worked hard 
to update this house for the girls.
Here are some of the memento boards and picture frames 
that I donated for the girls 
and for the resident family.

Command station in kitchen

fun dotty board and frame

a bright and cheerful Sea Cloth board and Sis Boom frame
(Sis Boom designer Jennifer Paganelli is also a Wilton resident)

yellow & white checks

more checks 

fun zebra
I will add a picture of the girls soon.
They moved in last week and started school on Monday.

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pve design said...

"It is better to give, than to receive, however, I think these girls will be such happy and fortunate recipients.
Your generosity knows no bounds.