Monday, January 5, 2009

I scored when I was matched with these two fellas at SCORE

Peter & Dan

thanks guys

SCORE, if you have not heard, is a national organization
of retired professionals who work as volunteers
to guide small business owners & entrepreneurs
like me!
The Small Business Administration provides funds to run this worthwhile organization.
I had my first appointment in September 2007
and met with Peter & Dan monthly at first.
Now our meetings are quarterly
because they did such a good job guiding me.

I started mrr design in 1990 
thinking it would be a good business 
to build while I was at home raising a family.  
It has always been small and 
I have always maintained a real job.

My products have evolved over time but
always in the decorative accessories category.

In the last two years I improved my picture frames and 
realized that I can really grow the business.
Peter & Dan have helped me define my goals and refine my business plan.
Maybe mrr design will blossom into something big one day...
after the deep, dark recession ...
until then, the real job is just fine.

Peter and Dan continue to grill me.
Asking all the right questions.
Making me think about all the jobs I handle at mrr design: 
 creating, manufacturing, selling, marketing, bookkeeping, shipping.
I have learned that I must use my time 
more efficiently 
more cost effectively too.
And still stay focused on the rest of life too!
That's what the deep, dark winter months are for...
settling in, taking a breather, taking stock of the past year.
Figuring out a way to work smarter.

If you have a small business and want some good advice try
ps. you can see my mailer on the desk
artwork done by pve design
the fellas gave me a thumbs up
now i just need lots of custom orders from 
designers & decorators 


pve design said...

Oh those fellas look like such sweethearts! Lucky you to have them at your side to "grill" you and to make you mindful. You do wear a lot of hats and I am truly impressed to have done the artwork for you. I will soon say, and I knew her when....
Wishing you profitable and peaceful year!

Peggy Garbus said...

Marnie, Congratulations on connecting with SCORE! I'm happy to report that my SCORE 'ladies' Phyliss and Helen have been a wonderful resource for me as well. Enjoy the journey--they're quite the find. Peggy

Jennifer Paganelli said...

wow what a great idea...a mentoring program..I want in!! We'll talk in 2009. lots of love Marnie.

the glitter fairy said...

yosivGood for you, Marnie! ( I'm picking up the phone right now! ) Score is an organization I've heard lots about, all good, and I'm so glad it has helped you.
Lots of glittery hugs coming your way...