Friday, January 16, 2009

photo: Jane Brockett, from Yarnstorm blog

More on the Gentle Art of Domesticity.

and wrote about this book again a couple of days ago.

As is said, the b00k grew out of the blog;

it is constructed much like a blog:

short essays with beautiful photographs,

all centered on subjects relating to the gentle arts of the home. 

Stuff that i love - knitting, baking, gardening, sewing...

The author is another person who has a fabric fetish like me

and she loves some of the same books...books that don't appear on "must read lists" too often...
The author's career evolved from teaching to marketing, to academia along with motherhood and then to the world of wine.  I don't think that she imagined how blogs would transform her life once that of published author, photographer, creator of greeting cards...Jane Brockett talks about all this as the "art of the possibile"... read one of her recent blog entries  here.  It is amazing how life twists and turns... things don't always happen the way you expect and sometimes, as in Jane's case, one thing builds upon another and another and voila...before you know it ... IT HAS HAPPENED.

Photo: Jane Brockett from Yarnstorm blog
Collection of new greeting card collection of Brockett's photographs from Yarnstorm

Another blog that I read occasionally was started by an author who wanted to generate buzz for her new book... she did that and more... now she has a dedicated blog following and a radio show...and is writing another book.

Words from a young writer: "life-changing events generally arrive without fanfare, most happen subtly, gradually, and unexpectedly..."

My Pollyanna words for the day: keep plugging along, if you stay with it, things will happen... maybe not on your schedule... but if you can keep a stiff upper lip and a good attitude and adapt as things evolve or don't... it may happen... whatever it is, and if it doesn't you, at least you will be pleased and proud of your effort.  So don't give up the dream or the idea.  Stop, rest and recharge. Believe and do. Persevere.  
Photo: Jane Brockett from Yarnstorm blog

Sometimes you have to work at something else while you pursue a dream, stretching your resources and energy.  But if that's what it takes, then you gotta do it. 


pve design said...

This book is on my wish list. I love the clarity of the photos, and more importantly that it honors the creative side of being domestic. Back to domesticity here.

My Notting Hill said...

Great post!

Alkemie said...

Beautiful photos! The book is a great recommendation and I love the socks!

Anonymous said...

Marine--Oh my goodness--this post is so much like the email I just sent you--as in going with the flow, following the twists and turns and doing things like photographing other 'things' beside portraits to see where it all takes you. You've inspired me to read this blog and look for the book! Thanks Marnie for calling attention to someone you admire--Peggy