Monday, January 12, 2009

Liberty Post found this and posted it on her blog on January 10, 2008

A funny take on the popular WWII poster
that was revived in 2008.

Some might say 
the WWII poster was a tad overexposed last year. 
It made a few "what's in and out lists" at year-end, on the outs...

Olly did a clever remodeling job on the poster 
the message fits the times, yes?
I loved the original poster and the message 
and used it right here 
This rug was one of my favorites.
 Saw this on Alkemie, I think. 
I agree with Ms. Liberty: bad economy, bad.

I am now enjoying my annual hibernation.
Business has slowed down.
Started doing the books for 2008: YIKES.
Planning for next year.
Lots of ideas.
Lots of notes.

Most of all I am enjoying reading and knitting again.
More on all that later this week.


pve design said...

Oh, wonderful image, of everyone dancing to le freak!
:Freak out;)

vicki archer said...

I am happy to say I finished my 'books' but what a boring job! Love the rug, xv

annechovie said...

That's very funny, Marnie! Clever. I liked that poster, too, but am a bit burned out on it now. Happy New Year to you and enjoy your hibernation!

Alkemie said...

The Rug is Great isn't it? The saying is so very English as well. Economically, it's not going to be a great year in 2009 but I'm sure in time we will all pull through it.

Karen O.