Thursday, January 15, 2009

We have adopted an austerity budget in our house.
Christmas was light...
and it was wonderful...

I needed a new insert for my day book
and look what I received from my darling daughter
a completely recovered filofax.
The old one was falling apart;
looks pretty good now.

plus the new insert
and double plus:
new address pages
with all my addresses and scribbles rewritten
in a wonderful hand,
by darling daughter.

Every time I check my book, I smile.
Simply wonderful.


Margaret said...

Like Mother, like daughter! What a creative way to refurbish your filofax. I didn't know people still used those! I still have mine (and the old addresses that were recorded oh, so many eons ago) in it's original leather---who needs a blackberry when you've got a filofax?

Nantucket Mermaid said...

What a great Christmas present! I surprised my guys with an Andy Warhol inspired print of Marty and Sophie, his dog (for Marty) and a portrait of Paul done in Edward Gory style (for Paul) They didn't cost much, but it was fun to do and they really were surprised! I bet you were ,too...the best kind of Christmas! xo

Marnie said...

Margaret - I have used this filofax for 16 years! I love my paper and pen - i save all the old inserts and tie them up with ribbon - on occasion, when i am sick or procrastinating i look through all the old inserts - it is fun to look at the same day over the course of 15 years - everything comes flooding back - can't do that with a blackberry - plus my eyes are good enough for the small screen!

Jeanne - you are so right - created by hand and with love - the best kind of Christmas

pve design said...

Good to see that the apple fell from the tree.
Love this, I made a "ribbon" address book for a dear neighbor - when I was your daughter's age. Fond memories of losing myself in creating. I loved those days and still do. You should be so proud.