Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Latest work 

Here are some of the 16" x 20" memento boards
that I have started to wholesale

 great response to these boards

It started by accident.

In April/May I sent out pitch pieces for my frames
to 20 stores across the country.

I included my fun mailer (artwork done by pve design).
It is pictured on most the boards in this post.

The buyers loved the frames 
but they also wanted to know about the boards.
I have been creating the boards 
on a custom basis for decorators and designers mainly.
I always do some for my boutique shows,
but I had not really thought about wholesaling them.

But with all the interest I had to do something about it.
I crunched the numbers,
got the woodworker cutting,
and I worked like crazy for the month of May.

I am pleased.
I have 6 new wholesale accounts.
A few more are on the sidelines; 
I am certain I will be able to convince them
to pick-up my line eventually.

And I still have my trusted accounts that have supported me for years.
Thanks to you all,
especially Robin of Sea Beans Studio in Wilton, Connecticut.
You gave me legs!

And thanks to all the other wonderful people who have inspired me 
along the way.


pve design said...

Today I met with two gentleman at Score and gave them each a frame with my little (I mean your) hang-tag and they loved the drawing and the frames and were so encouraging!
I love the boards! They look amazing!

My Notting Hill said...

They boards look great. I hope Arlington store decides to carry these!

Kwana said...

These look great. Good for you doing so well!