Saturday, May 23, 2009

This custom job made me so happy.
I just landed a new account with a store called Trappings 
in Wellesley, Massachusetts.
Got the order on May 13th. 
Shipped the frames on May 14th.
A customer saw the frames in the store on May 15th
and ordered 5 custom embroidered frames.
Ribbon was embroidered and sent to me on May 19th.
Received by me May 22nd and returned to store on May 22nd.
How is that for lickety-split

Landed another store in Bronxville, New York yesterday
called Kensington Paper.
It is a terrific shop with lovely owners.

And, fingers-crossed, I may have someone interested from Dallas.

More orders waiting in the studio.
gotta go.
Happy Memorial Day.
Biking to Parade on Monday.


vicki archer said...

Lickety-split all right! If only all customer service were like yours...xv

pve design said...

You are on fire! Wishing you all the best!
Don't forget to take your vitamins!