Tuesday, May 12, 2009

National Bike to Work Week
May 11 - 15

sounds like fun
Years and years ago I rode my bike to the train 
and took the train in town.
My current office is about 4 miles away from home.
If the weather is ok, I am going to try to ride to work.
The only problem, it is all uphill on the way home -
a long, steady hill....
If all goes well maybe it will become my routine for the next few months
except, of course, during inclement weather.
Added benefit: work off the excess around the middle.


chick-er-doodles said...

Wow! is this your bike?? I'd like to ride to work too, if I had a bike like yours.

Marnie said...

chickerdoodles - yes, it is a cool bike - but not mine - mine has a wicker basket, big, comfy seat and fattish tires - i love my bike - but would really like this one.
it comes from the netherlands and is probably v $$$