Friday, March 19, 2010

Creative mannequins at Bendel's in NYC:
dresses of curlers, rock candy, cupcake and candy wrappers,
and hard candy wrappers.
More dresses of cards, felt roll-ups, and feathers.
We could not ascend the stairs;
top floors "closed for renovations" - hmmm
that is code for ...
did some research...
Bendel's gave up its clothing.
They only sell accessories, make-up and bags now.
Who knew?
For a ribbon aficionado like me, these mannequins were fabulous
these spiffy numbers are constructed with just ribbons.
beautiful 70°
our perch for lunch in Central Park
study in contrasts
sneakers - boots
white - black
a new discovery
Francois Chocolate Bar
we perched next to the large open window
on the 4th floor above Madison and 64th
enjoyed iced coffee and a delicous macaron

another view from our perch
blue sky sparkling day
final stop
Saw two interesting exhibits
William Kentridge
and performance artist
Marina Abramovic
"The Artist is Present"


Miss Is said...

Blue sky sparkling day, indeed! And another one today :-) xoxo

pve design said...

Enjoy these sparkly spring days. (After all it is officially Spring here!) Hurrah!