Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sugaring Season

Illustration by Heather Ross

Read Heather Ross's wonderful story here
about the Vermont's Sugaring Season.

Heather is one of my fabric fabric designers.

It is sugaring season in my neck of the woods right now.
Ambler Farm with the sap buckets.

You can buy the syrup at the farm.
It tastes delicious on weekend pancakes.

gotta love local

Ambler Farm is where my family and I go
to walk the dog,
to clear our minds,
to buy our veggies and flowers and syrup
and just to feel the beauty and breadth of nature -
We love Ambler
are renewed by the place.
One of Heather Ross's whimsical fabrics
that I used for my frames.

Enjoy a walk this weekend. You can smell spring right around the corner.


Miss Is said...

I can almost smell the spring air in your post...let's all get out and feel the sunshine!

d.h. said...

The boy at the sugar shack says it's not a great sap season "cause its been so cold". Not today! the sap is dripping out of every cut in those trees. Of course, according to the boy farmer, "every maple sugar farmer will tell you its a poor season".