Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Variations on the


Somewhere in Rhode Island. Photographed by Dominique Browning from Slow Love Life
I would have stopped in my tracks too if I drove by this creche.
Makes you think.

Traditional, I have forgotten where I found this image.
Sweet, as seen on Inchmark Journal

Whimsical, as seen on Chance
designed by comic strip artist Massimo Giacon for Italian design house Alessi.

Simple and beautiful from Switzerland.
A friend gave this creche in a log to me last year.
It is a 3-d puzzle piece - the pieces push out for a wonderful effect.

And finally, the creche from my youth.
I love this not only because it is beautiful but because of the family associations.
It fills me with joy when I set it up each year with Miss Is.
And for an extra treat, you can wind up the music box
and hear lovely Christmas music
Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Silent Night

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