Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A few years back, at one of my many trunk shows, I was positioned next to a booth called Jardiniere; the owner of the shop was a charming and pretty lady about my age. She seemed familiar but I couldn't place her. As the day went on and we chatted, we discovered that we went to college together and dated roommates; my time with the roommate was short-lived - a disaster of a romance - better that it ended quickly, but I liked Kathy.

So almost 25 years later we find ourselves in another phase of life - with children in college and running our respective businesses. We both love the excitement of entrepreneurship. Kathy had a store back in 2007 when we first reconnected. These last two years we met up again at the Church of the Redeemer boutique in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts where Kathy sold her fabulous english toffee. Kathy has been making and selling this scrumptious toffee at Christmas boutiques for the last 10 years or so. When she has an idea, she runs with it; other businesses have been floral design, window box design, and her beautiful home goods store in East Greenwich, Rhode Island which was called Jardiniere. Kathy has a flair - just look at her table at the recent Church of the Redeemer boutique and the candy is delish! It is packaged in tins with giant red grosgrain bows or red toile bags and boxes topped with the same giant red grosgrain bow. And this pretty drawing for the label hidden in plain site on my messy desk below. If you like good toffee she might have some left. I will give you her contact info if you are interested.
We also discovered that we both loved Dominique Browning's book Slow Love: How I Lost My Job, Put on my Pajamas & Found Happiness. Someone you know might enjoy this book for

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Ramsey said...

I love those coincidences when people from your past pop back in!
Your friend's candy must be really good! It looks like her packaging is beautiful expensive and would consume a lot of her profit!