Monday, December 13, 2010

I have been swamped this year with work,
both at the day job
with mrr design.
A good problem to have
but I am derilict in the Christmas decorating category.
This vase of flowers was all I had until today.
The arrangement is stunning in real life;
my camera doesn't do it justice.
This lovely arrangement was at a wine tasting
that my firm sponsored.
It was a lovely evening
I was happy to come home with these beautiful flowers.
Lucky for me because that's all I have had for Christmas decorations.

Today I caught the brief 24 hour mild weather window
was able to quickly fill my urns with evergreens.
The soil was frozen solid 48 hours ago
it is snowing now.
Just in time.
In a few more days time, I will get the wreaths up
the Christmas Card boards,
and finally the tree.

Before I know it - pouf - Christmas will have come and gone.


pve design said...

What a lovely arrangement and how clever is the vase with corks! My garland just went up yesterday along with the ornaments on the tree and a new wreath that I found and adore.
Enjoy the season and may you have a silent night soon.

Nantucket Mermaid said...

Happy holidays ,Marnie! We woke up this morning to a nor'easter and there is snow everywhere. Looks beautiful.Glad that you had a good season! :)----<