Friday, December 10, 2010

photo above from B Designs website
Here are my neighbors from the boutique last weekend.
Karen and James
A wonderful photo
with the design duo.
Husband and Wife team
so happy
and such
beautiful letterpress stationary.
Their products were a big hit at the show.
Karen is the artist and James is the letterpress guy.
I enjoyed getting to know them.
Here are a few more shots of their paper
The paper is in boutiques all across the country.
and you can order online
check out the full line of stationary products here
Everyone needs some special paper on which to write their
thank you notes.
Christmas and presents and other holidays are right around the corner.
Everyone loves to receive a hand written note.
A thank you via e-mail, no thanks!

Now is the beginning of the exciting daily mail ritual -
Christmas and holiday cards
and then notes from nieces and nephews...
Each day I scurry to the mailbox
to check out the new cards.
So much more fun than the standard bills and junk.

When you check out the B Designs Letterpress website
be sure to read about their dog, Lucky

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